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To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of my death have been slightly exaggerated. I'm still around,  presently haunting the Washington headquarters of the Center for Intelligence Studies. You might say I'm their Resident Spook...


12 January


The Never-Trump crowd is more extensive and deeply rooted than most imagine - in addition to the Hillary Forever types, other self-described "Progressives," the Democrat and Republican establishments, the entire Mainstream Media, and the out of touch and over-paid dimwits in Hollywood, it also includes most of the Permanent Bureaucracy in Washington - including substantial portions of the US Intelligence Community.

Globalists all, they are determined to disgrace and discredit the incoming Trump Administration to prevent it from governing effectively. This is a classic destabilization operation, intended to force President Trump from power and put the more palatable Mike Pence in his place.

Why? They're Globalists, and they're in the pocket of the international banks and corporations which stand to lose trillions if Globalism fails. Trump is a Nationalist and a dedicated opponent of Global Integration - and so, too, is Russian President Vladimir Putin - so they're attempting to orchestrate a "regine change" in Washingon and provoke war with Russia.

Trust me on this one - when it comes to overthrowing governments, I know what I'm talking about!

29 August 2016

THE EU - Now that we have that out of the way, let's turn to recent events - starting with the EU.

A fraud from the beginning, the European Union is in danger of total collapse. Here's why:

Doomed from the Start

HILLARY - Hillary Clinton calls herself a "Progressive" when in fact she's a Politician-of-the-Past who can't wait to drag  us back to the Bad Old Days. Take her position on Globalism, for example: Hillary is a committed Globalist, but the phenomenon of Globalism has already passed its apogee.

Globalism is out, Localism is the future. To understand why, click on the link below:

Localism is the New "In"

PS: CFIS Chairman Charles S. Viar and I called this one back in 2003!

25 August 2016

A MOLE AT NSA? Ever since Snowden defected to the Russians, rumors have been circulating about another Mole at the Ft. Meade Headquarters of the National Security Agency. And while I can't officially confirm or deny those rumors, James Bamford suggests they may be true.

Hardly a surprise - as the CIA's  legendary chief of counterintelligence once remarked, "Penetration is a fact of life; for intelligence services, it is a way of life."