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The Center for Intelligence Studies

Washington Whispers:

The Ghost of Sidney Reilly Reports

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of my death have been slightly exaggerated. I'm still around,  presently haunting the Center for Intelligence Studies. You might say I'm their Resident Spook...

Here's my latest take:


On August 8, armed FBI agents raided Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida.
The stated purpose of this unprecedented act was to recover classified documents pertaining to US nuclear weapons that Trump had unlawfully retained.
According to the FBI, those documents had to be recovered immediately, lest they fall into hostile hands. According to the Bureau, it was a matter of urgent national security.
But that simply doesn’t make sense!
First of all, President Trump has stated that he’d declassified the documents in question before leaving the White House.
Second, other agencies of the US Government had known the documents were in Trump’s possession for more than a year – and the FBI had also been aware of that for many months.
Indeed, an FBI team had examined and catalogued them earlier this summer - and instructed Trump to move them to a more secure storage area and upgrade the locks.
Third, Trump had already returned roughly half the total number to the National Archives and his attorneys were negotiating with the Archives to return the rest.
And finally, the manner in which the raid was conducted defies belief!
Upon arrival, the raid commander waved a search warrant in front of a Trump attorney, who by chance happened to be there, but refused to let her read it!

Then they ordered her from the residence, instructing her to stand outside on the driveway…

And once she was out of the way, they ordered the staff to turn off the security cameras!
At that point they searched the entire premises - including Mrs. Trump's wardrobe and personal effects - before making off with some 20-30 boxes…
Nothing like this has ever happened before in our entire history…
The reaction from Republicans and even some Democrats was immediate and fierce and forced the Department of Justice and the FBI back on the defensive.
Attorney General Merrick Garland claimed he’d spent weeks agonizing over the warrant – for a raid that was supposedly of "the utmost urgency" - and went on to defend the action as necessary, proper and lawful…
Before assailing critics for their lack of trust in the FBI - even accused them of fomenting violence against law enforcement.
Conveniently forgetting that the FBI covered up for Hillary Clinton, framed Gen. Michael Flynn, conspired against President Trump and attempted to stage a coup d'etat based on Hillary's phony "Russian Dossier,” Garland claimed that the FBI was above reproach!
The critics are the problem, according to the Attorney General - NOT the politicized and deeply corrupt Bureau!
Garland was obviously lying throughout, and so was FBI Director Christopher Wray…
ESPECIALLY when they claimed Biden had not been briefed in advance!
So what’s really going on here?
The FBI’s search warrant speaks volumes…
Search warrants are supposed to be highly specific, to prevent law enforcement from going on fishing expeditions – and criminal cases are routinely thrown out when warrants fail to meet this high standard.
But when this warrant was eventually released, practicing attorneys and legal scholars were shocked by its lack of specificity.
It was so vague that many referred to the raid as “an investigation in search of a crime.”
Others suggested the real motive for the raid was to plant manufactured “evidence" in order to indict Trump for crimes he never committed – a suspicion that’s more than plausible…
And according to Fox News, high-ranking sources in the larger Intelligence Community have told them the warrant was actually a pretext for seizing “Trump’s personal stash” – that is, documents in Trump’s possession that would force the DoJ to indict Hunter Biden.
According to my sources Biden is terrified of Donald Trump, because he knows Trump would win a landslide victory in an honest rematch…
And if Trump regains the White House, a Special Counsel to investigate Hunter Biden will inevitably follow – which would lay bare 50 years of Joe Biden’s corruption, influence peddling and money laundering.
To avoid disgrace and possibly prison, Biden is prepared to do ANYTHING to keep Trump out of the White House.
And he has been repeatedly quoted as saying that Trump has to be locked up – and that he doesn’t care what the charge is as long as it will put him behind bars.
To this end he’s been leaning on Garland and Wray to get Trump on something – anything - that will knock him out of the 2024 race.
But Biden’s criminality isn’t the only issue in play.
The Democrats are solidly Globalist and so are the Establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and turncoat Lisa Murkowski.
They hate Trump because he’s a Patriot and a Nationalist…
And they fear him for his success in remaking the Republican Party. 
Since being forced from the White House in a rigged election, Trump has been in almost constant motion – holding rallies, raising money and endorsing America First candidates.
Although the numbers are incomplete as of this writing, thus far some 80 percent of the Trump-backed candidates won their primary elections…
And he’s wreaked havoc on the 10 GOP Representatives who voted to impeach him. Four of them saw the writing on the wall and decided not to run for re-election, two squeaked by in their primaries and four lost to Trump-backed challengers – including the turncoat Liz Cheney! 
It’s possible, then, that scores of America First candidates will defeat their Democrat opponents in November, or turn back their Democrat challengers.
In that case the GOP would not only retake the House - America First congressmen would dominate it!
Once a spineless bunch of make-believe Conservatives – a group of old ladies clutching their pearls – Trump has turned the GOP into something entirely new.
It’s now the PATRIOTS party…
A grass roots movement dedicated to putting America and the American people first…
A movement that’s willing to stand up to Biden and his thugs.
Right now things are looking good - if the election were held today, an America First GOP would sweep the elections…
But if a week in politics is a lifetime, nine weeks is an eternity – ANYTHING could happen…
It’s a safe bet the Left will try to steal this election, too…
And it’s entirely possible that Biden and the Democrat-controlled FBI may stage a spectacular and possibly bloody false flag "domestic terrorist attack" to disgrace and discredit not only Trump and the America First candidates, but Patriots like you and me as well.
As Trump has said many times: “They’re really after you – I’m just in their way.”
That’s why this election is do or die!
If America First candidates don’t sweep to power, it’s only a matter of time before Biden and his thugs come after us.
He’s already authorized 87,000 new IRS agents – and advertised for applicants willing "to use deadly force"!!!
This isn’t about taxes - it's about building a Leftist police state!
Here at the CFIS we’re doing everything possible to alert the American public to the threat - and to mobilize them to vote in November.