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Pat Buchanan has caused a firestorm of controversy in Washington with his latest book. Conservatives have praised The Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive Until 2025, and Liberals have - predictably - condemned it as "racist."

I recently had the good fortune to discuss the book with a group of old Washington Hands. Because it's not scheduled for publication until June, we relied on published reviews, and an advance copy that may or may not be the completed work. But together, these were enough to examine Buchanan's main points.

He begins with the Toynbee’s observation that great civilizations die from suicide, not murder. And in his view, the instrument of America’s self-inflicted demise
is “Liberalism.”

In Buchanan’s view, Liberalism, so called, is a suicidal ideology. The Leftist Elite that captured the youth culture of the 1960’s set us on a course for national oblivion: radical multiculturalism, open borders, the welfare state, affirmative action, an obsession with “diversity,” the embrace of sexual depravity, abortion, the destruction of the family, and a radical secularist ideology that has declared war on Christianity, and the Christian values that underpin the Constitution.

The results are clear: America is degenerating into a Balkanized state that is increasingly segregated by race, ethnicity, religion, culture and language. In the process, we are fast losing those things we once held in common – the very things that made us Americans.

The result is society-wide dysfunction: schools that can’t teach, a government unable to perform the most basic tasks of governance, a corporate culture of deceit and dishonesty, and a population that is increasingly dependent on “the state” to provide for its most elemental needs.

We now live in a society in which a bare majority of 53 per cent support the ever-growing minority that cannot, or will not, support themselves. The burden on this shrinking, productive majority, is fast becoming intolerable as taxes skyrocket to pay for dubious and often destructive social programs.

The degradation of our culture has normalized drug addiction, nihilism, proudly ignorant and deeply dysfunctional children, soaring personal debt, an ever-increasing gap between rich and poor, a youth culture dedicated to promiscuity, tens of millions of abortions, the celebration of deviancy, the de-masculinization of men, soaring suicide rates, and the exultation of the most vulgar and primitive impulses and behaviors.

Importantly, the social and cultural ruin recounted above is bound to become worse as white Americans become a minority in or about 2042. According to Buchanan, whites and Asians are all that’s propping up the teetering edifice that was once America. Black America is a cultural and economic a basket case, and Hispanic America is doing only slightly better.

As with the two greatest historians of the Twentieth Century, Oswald Spengler and Arnold Toynbee, Buchanan believes Christianity is fundamental to Western Civilization. The wreckage and ruin he recounts stems from the Radical Left’s successful assault on the Christian faith.

I agree with Buchanan’s description of the ruin inflicted on America, but I believe he has missed The Big Picture: as destructive as the Left may be, it’s a reflection of a far deeper problem.

The REAL problem is America has fallen victim to a Financial Elite determined to create a New Global Order under UN control, and a Political Establishment that’s more than willing to accommodate their design.

Most certainly, the Elite and the Establishment are NOT suicidal, as Buchanan believes – if they succeed, they’re going to do very well indeed. It’s the rest of us that are going to get thrown under the bus.

The unpleasant truth that Buchanan fails to consider is the fact that elites are statistical phenomenon. That means they dominate ALL societies and ALL political systems - even democracies, like ours.

An easy way to illustrate this is with a sports example: imagine a typical co-ed high school with 1000 students. Of the 500 male students, about 20 per cent have the skills and attributes required for high school football. Of the 100 students that have what it takes to play at that level, about 20 per cent have the skills and the attributes to play college ball – and of those 20 who have what it takes to play collegiate football, about 20 per cent have what it takes to play professionally. Of the four qualified to play professionally, about 20 per cent – or eight tenths of one per cent - have what it takes to become the superstars that dominate the NFL.

This pattern approximates Pareto’s 80/20 Rule, and you find it over and over again, in every human endeavor and in every human society.

The top eight-tenths of one per cent dominates every occupation, pursuit, and profession. Taken together, they are the Elite.

But not all elites are equal - there are elite trash collectors, elite cab drivers, and elite doctors, dentists, teachers and trial lawyers. Although they are important to us in our day-to-day lives, they have little influence beyond our own communities. The elites that are causing all the problems are the ones whose strategic position enabled them to seize control of America.

Leadership turnover among the elites is very high. The careers of elite performing artists are notoriously short, and the learned professions, the sciences, and government and military services all require decades of consistently excellent performance to reach the top. As a general rule, elite leaders rarely exercise power for more than a few years. But bankers are an exception.

In modern societies, it’s not uncommon for elite bankers to spend a half-century or more at the top of the finance industry. David Rockefeller is a good example: during his career at Chase-Manhattan Bank, nine presidents came and went, as did thousands of congressmen and senators, as well as untold numbers of ambassadors, generals, admirals, and corporate CEOs.

The Financial Elite is therefore unique for its longevity. But it is also unique because it controls the central banks - such as the Federal Reserve Bank in America. The Political and Corporate elites, which revolve around, and depend on the Fed and the financial system it manages, are “The Establishment.”

When the interests of the Financial Elite and the Establishment are the same as ordinary citizens like you and me, America works well. But whenever Elite/Establishment interests diverge from grass roots interests, there’s real trouble.

THIS is the most basic reason for our problems today – the interests of the Financial Elite/Establishment are completely out of sync with the interests of ordinary Americans, because they’re attempting to reposition themselves to become a GLOBAL ELITE / GLOBAL ESTABLISHMENT.

The phenomenon of Elite Repositioning isn’t new, and neither is the ruin it inflicts on ordinary people. A good example is the rise of Nazism and Fascism, both of which were reactions to the European Elites’ efforts to reposition themselves away from their traditional agrarian base of support, in favor of the emerging urban bankers and industrialists. (In the case of Germany and Central Europe, the newly favored bankers and industrialists were disproportionately Jewish – thus the widespread hostility toward Jews the Nazi's politicized and exploited.)

Successful Elite Repositioning means imposing top-down changes that inevitably undermine long-honored traditions and deeply held beliefs and values. In order for the American Elite – and the Western Elites, in general - to reposition themselves as a new Global Elite, they are imposing what can only be described as a “Revolution from Above.”

THIS is the true origin of the supposedly “Leftist” policies of enforced racial integration, affirmative action, Third World immigration, “Open Borders,” “Multiculturalism,” “Diversity,” the rise of Radical Secularism, Radical Feminism, abortion, the assault on the family, and – especially - the relentless attack on Christianity.

The aspiring Global Elite is attempting to create a New Global Culture based on a Global Common Denominator. They believe what Alan Greenspan asserted in his memoir: that the only thing that unites humanity is a desire to improve one’s lot in life – i.e., to acquire more and better “stuff.”

But to create their new order, they must first destroy the old – thus their attack on everything we hold dear. Eventually, they intend to abolish nations, ethnic groups, and existing traditions, cultures, religions, and even races…

But not quite yet, because they still need to exploit America’s (dwindling) financial and military power to drag the Mid East into their global materialist economy - and overthrow the Islamic prohibition on interest-rate finance.

Thus the interminable Wars of Remaking in the Middle East – bloody, inconclusive and ruinously expensive conflicts that serve Elite interests rather than America’s.

Buchanan’s analysis of America’s problems is dead on, but his understanding of the Left is not. It is an historical fact that the big London and New York banks have always been the single largest source of funds for the Left – including Communist Russia.

They’re still funding the Left today, because the Left is their chosen instrument to destroy the institutions, beliefs, and values that stand in their way.

The great Chinese military scholar, Sun Tzu, wrote: “Know thine enemy, and thou shalt be victorious in 100 battles.” We keep winning elections, but we’re losing the war for America – because Conservatives have never come to grips with the REAL enemy.

Here at the CFIS we’re willing to stand up and challenge the Elite by demanding the Political Establishment slash the federal debt - from which the Financial Elite makes most of its profits - reduce the size and intrusiveness of government, and reassert Constitutional supremacy…

And seal the border, halt mass immigration, end “Multiculturalism,” denounce “Diversity,” end the war on the family, end the war on Christianity, renounce the hidden goal of Global Integration, end the Deliberate Policy of Energy Dependence, and scrap the disastrously failed Grand Strategy of Oil Control/Armed Mid East Intervention. And most of all, to demand they start governing in America’s national interests!

The question is: Who will stand with us?

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Thank you,

Charles S. Viar

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